Why a Christian Camp?

Summer Camp is widely hailed among educators, psychologists, and other childhood development experts as a great experience for kids. Camp offers physical activity, intellectual challenge, and emotional tools for maturing. But does a Christian camp experience make a difference?

Camping offers children and teens an environment that is separate from their normal routine of life and creates a space for reflection and introspection like few other opportunities. They get to build new relationships and forge community that impacts them for life. The evidence for the value of camping is abundant!

But why should you consider a Christian camp for your child? And why Camp Piankatank?

At Camp Piankatank, kids are exposed to a wide range of activities from early morning until late night. Like other camps, we offer outdoor activities, crafts, arts, and lots of hands-on experiences. But our daily routine also includes focused time for personal devotional, group worship, and Bible study.

Each week of camp is built to help kids unplug from technology –
which, while valuable in life, also serves as a distraction from God. Our camp offers kids a quiet and sheltered way to experience God while still having high energy fun and community with other kids. The community is built around a common identity of worship and Bible study, and through counselors and other kids, your camper can discover who they are in relationship to the One who made them.

Large group sessions at camp happen each morning with devotional study and songs. Each evening is framed by similar singing and prayer, but also includes a fuller message from the camp pastor. We believe that this format best shapes youngsters in a comprehensive way. Nurturing the body, mind, and soul is the key to our program and the centerpiece of how a Christian camp experience can shape a child’s life for their whole life!

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