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You can view our camp video here.

FAQ Videos

  • Putting Parents at Ease is a video that tells more in detail how we keep the children safe and happy.
  • Sleeping and Eating Arrangements details where the campers will be eating and sleeping and what they will be eating. Keep in mind we’ve added our new lodges since this video was made.
  • We believe that we have some of the best staff in the country, and this video tells you why.
  • The last video explains what the worship services are like. They are one of the most important reasons we do what we do.



Where are you located? Camp Piankatank resides along the beautiful Piankatank River in Hartfield, VA. The camp is located 66 miles east of Richmond, 66 miles north of Hampton Roads and 86 miles south of Fredericksburg.

Where will my child sleep? Campers stay in 8 air-conditioned cabins. Three of our buildings are duplex-lodges that were built in 2010.  These lodges house two cabins that are joined by a center meeting area with sofas and tables. These buildings have large bathrooms, and everything is new. There are 2 counselors and up to 16 campers per cabin. We are also using two of our older cabins which are very nice.  These have air conditioning and bathrooms in the cabins. Campers sleep on bunk beds.

Can my child request to be with a friend who is also attending? Yes, this is common and we will grant all requests to the best of our ability. We recommend signing buddies up for the same track as well. We try to keep tracks together in the cabins to ensure proper supervision at all times. If your child is not in the same track, we cannot promise you will be in the same cabin, but we can try. Please make sure you noted your buddy’s name on the registration form.

Where and what will my child eat while at camp? The dining hall at Camp Piankatank is air-conditioned and meals are served family style. Meals are kid-friendly, but also well balanced. A salad bar is available at every meal.

My child has food allergies or a special dietary need (vegetarians) What can he/she eat? We can work with you concerning special dietary needs. These kids should not miss camp because of their allergies. Here’s our menu Menu Link for children with severe allergies you may need to send a few items to supplement our menu.

If you think you will need to send supplemental food items, we can store them in the kitchen for retrieval when needed at meal times. We are always willing to look at ingredient lists if needed. We definitely recommend educating the child to speak up and ask if we need to look at an ingredient list and/or get them something else to eat.

For vegetarians or vegans- check out our menu. Let us know about a week in advance that your child is coming with this need. We can usually make a vegetarian version of most meals. In these cases, you may also want to send a few supplemental food items.

Weather Questions: High Heat: Trust us, we know its hot; we’re out there with the kids too! During extremely hot days, we take extra precautions to keep kids happy and healthy like extra breaks, extra water coolers, and extra pool time. We often move around our schedule to move more active games to evenings. Cabins and dining facilities are air conditioned.

Storms: We monitor weather conditions and forecasts throughout the day. During storms or when storms are predicted, we play indoor games and try to reschedule to exciting activities the kids look forward to. All boating, swimming, campouts, ropes course activities, and outdoor sports will be cancelled if we hear thunder or expect storms.

This will be my child’s first time away from home. What will be done if they miss home and what is done to help them feel comfortable at camp? Right away we help each camper make a new friend and get acquainted with the new environment. This helps a lot. It’s natural for kids to miss home a little. Our staff are trained in how to talk the campers through these feelings of missing home. There are many things you can do to help your child be prepared for camp.

Read our homesickness info page for tips on how to prepare for camp (many causes of homesickness are from things that happen before the camper ever arrives at camp). If our efforts to talk your camper through their feelings of missing home do not work and they are not able to enjoy themselves, we will call you and talk with you about what we can do as a next step. Sometimes this is just a little talk with Mom or Dad, and sometimes it’s going home.

What are the worship services like? Interactive and age-appropriate worship services and Bible studies take place in the outdoor worship area, dining hall and on the dock at the waterfront depending on the weather and bug conditions. Services are lead by a weekly camp pastor and camp staff.

Do you have a camp store? Yes, each day campers (day campers and overnight campers) will have an opportunity to visit the trading post to buy snacks and camp memorabilia. Campers should bring between $5 and $50 for the week.

What is the staff like? Our staff is excellent! Camper-to-staff ratios are kept low (up to 16 kids with two counselors) to assure that every camper receives personal attention from our staff. The Camp Piankatank summer staff consists of a Co-Director couple (meet the directors), Assistant Director, four Activity Specialists, Cabin Counselors, and Counselors in Training.

All cabin counselors and supervising staff are at least 18 years of age, one year removed from high school, and have been carefully selected to serve as positive Christian role models. All are trained to safely perform their specific job duties and are first aid and CPR certified. Certified lifeguards are on duty at all water activities.

How can I talk to my child while he or she is at camp? Family and friends may write e-mails or send mail and packages to their camper (P.O. Box 435 Hartfield, VA 23071). Campers love to get mail! You may also send stamps and stationary with your camper for them to write to you.

To send an email to your camper, simply log into the same site you registered your camper. There is an email and picture link at the top of the page where you can send emails and look at pictures. Emails are given out at lunch every day. Any email send after 11 AM will be handed out the following day at lunch

Cell phones are not permitted at camp. This is a great time for your child to be “off the grid” of technology to experience God and nature. The camp will call you if we need you. We believe in letting parents know what’s going on as much as we can. We will call you if your camper is ill, needs medication you have not previously authorized, is emotionally distraught, or we need to consult you on behavior issues. We do our best to communicate with parents anything we think you will be concerned about.

Christian Camp and Conference Association Member IACCA Virginia Baptists

Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board