Getting Ready For Camp

Check-in and Pick-up Times

Check-in Procedures Check in begins at 2:30 and cabins will open at 4. Guests who check in before 4 can hangout in the pavilion until counselors come to take you to your cabin. All campers should be checked in by 5:00 pm.

Here is how it is going to look:

  1. Luggage Drop-off We will take your luggage to your cabin for you!
  1. Park
  1. Check-in Head to Krowe Hall and go through the check-in tables. This is where we check your payments, take medications, and double check health information.
  1. Hang Out and Snack After you’re all checked in, grab a snack and head out to the pavilion! Grab your camp swag at the camp store.
  1. Counselor Intro At 4:00 counselors will take campers to cabins. Listen for the Director’s announcement. We hope you take some time to meet your cabin’s counselors.
  1. Move-in Help your camper settle into their cabin.
  1. Big cheesy good-bye Extra points for using pet names!
  1. Peace Out Head home. Stop by the camp store on your way out.

Pick Up times:

1:30 pm on Friday is the pick up time for all week-long camps. We will have a short (goal is 30 minutes long) closing ceremony.

MINI CAMP pick up is Sunday July 1 at 10:30 am.


What to pack for camp:

Niki Gourley, one of the Associate Directors, has a quick video about how she packs her kids for camp.

The list:

Printable packing list

We highly recommend using plastic tubs as they are easy to pack, label, transport, and clean. However, tubs are not required and you are welcome to use the luggage you already have at home.

MEDICATION NOTES– Please do not pack any medicine(s) in your suitcase. Please pack all medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter and vitamins) in a plastic zip-top bag with your camper’s name printed on the outside. This bag will need to be turned in at check-in to our health care center.

Clothes- play clothes, write the name on everything. Playing outside means clothes might get dirty. Don’t pack your best clothes.

Shoes- Tennis shoes for ropes course. Sandals/water shoes for waterfront, a kind that does not fall off easily.

Bedding- Twin size sheets, pillow, light blanket. Or a sleeping bag on top of the bed will also work.

Towels- 1-2 bath towels and 1-2 beach/pool towels

Bathing suit- 1 is fine for most campers. 2 if doing a water based track (Sailing/True North Water). One piece only for the ladies.

Sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle.

A Bible

Rain gear- just in case. A poncho or rain coat.

Campout- Either a sleeping bag or a camping hammock (before coming, please practice using and how to put them away). A backpack to bring items to the island.

Toiletries- Pack all toiletries in a bag or carrying caddy that can easily be taken to the bathroom and then back to the bunk. Soap, toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc. Whatever your child usually uses to care for themselves.

Optional items- Camera, stamps/envelopes/paper for writing home, money for the camp store if it wasn’t added when registering.

THESE ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP: (Parents please make certain that your camper does not bring any of these items to camp)

  • Radio
  • Tablets
  • CD player
  • I-Pods
  • Comic books
  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Computer games
  • Walkie talkies
  • Cell phones
  • Lap tops
  • Chewing gum, candy and other snacks.

Possession of tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, or weapons is grounds for expulsion from the camp program.

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