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New in 2011 we are beginning a program inviting church leaders to attend camp with a group from their church. If this doesn’t apply to you, you can click next to continue on to the Formspage. These adults are not chaperones or volunteers, but are participating in camp with the children they minister to year-round. Churches are NOT required to send adults, we have a fully staffed and supervised program.

Some churches want to participate with their kids and feel more comfortable having a representative they know watching out for their group, so now we’re allowing that. Adult campers pay the same fee as a child attending camp, as you are taking a bed, meals, and may participate in activities. This fee may change if you choose to stay at a local hotel and just participate during the days.

We have set in place many guidelines for these adults, mainly so we have an atmosphere of mutual understanding about your role.

Here are the guidelines we have put in place as to who may attend camp with their campers.

  • Proof of a criminal records background check conducted within the last year from your church, or you must pay the camp $10 for us to run this check on you. We reserve the right to refuse an adult camper with certain criminal backgrounds.
  • Church groups with more than 5 attending from their church may send adult campers with their children to camp. This is for children attending as a group sponsored by a church, not for children simply attending independently with a few friends. A church leader will be required to sign a form approving each adult to attend camp.
  • Though we recognize that a parent may attend as the adult from their church. Parents attending should agree to give their children independence, which is one of the greatest learning opportunities in a camp experience.
  • Churches may send only one female and one male representative for every 15 males and 15 female campers. Cabin groups have 16 beds. We want to keep as many beds open to children and teenage campers, as this is our main target audience.
  • Adults should be physically able to walk long distances. No smoking is allowed at all. No driving around camp will be allowed.
  • Adults should be willing to sleep in a bunk bed in a room with the children of the same gender attending with your church group. Nights are late and mornings are early, so be ready. You also have the option to find yourself a local hotel and just come in for the daytime program.
  • These adult campers will be expected to follow all camp rules, and help us to enforce our rules. This includes the use of cell phones and other electronic devices and the distribution of all medications.

Here is the document with the full range of guidelines relating to adult campers.

Please email for further information.


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