Reel Fish! Real Fun!

Ages: 9-14

Extra fee: $50


June 25-30

July 23-28

Our beautiful location on the Piankatank River is the perfect setting for a fishing program! Campers will catch plenty of croaker, spot, and even some crab in one of our crab traps! The highlight of the week is a 1/2 day fishing charter on a professional charter. Campers always end the week with plenty of great fish stories for the ride home!

The $50 extra fee includes a ½ day fishing charter on a professional charter boat out of Deltaville, VA. This will be the highlight of the week!

If you do not have your own fishing rod/reel and tackle kit we will gladly provide what you need. Please only make use of this option if you do not have equipment, providing your own is preferable.

Goals of the Fishing Camp Program

  • Kids will learn about a variety of types of fishing (reel fishing, fly fishing) and get to experience these.
  • Kids will learn names of fish, types of bait, parts of a fishing pole and equipment.
  • Campers will have the opportunity to fish from a variety of locations to see the different fishing techniques specific to location. Including dock fishing, boat fishing in the Piankatank River, and chartered fishing in the bay.
  • Campers will grow spiritually through lessons relating fishing to Biblical, life-application lessons.
  • Kids who have never fished before will learn the basics of how to fish.

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting week of fun and fishing! Sign up for your week of Reel Fish! Real Fun! by clicking here.

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Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board