When reviewing our prices please consider what is included:

  • Free use of activity fields
  • Meeting spaces included (many other facilities charge for this)
  • Campfires at no extra cost.
  • Use of sound and projection equipment if needed (limited)
  • Meals include salad bar, beverages, and dessert
  • We accomodate special dietary needs, usually allowing your leader to help pick the menu.
  • 24 hour self-serve coffee and tea
  • Retreats Director always available to help you plan a successful retreat.
  • Staff person on call to your leader for urgent needs.
  • We can usually allow groups to set up their meeting space up to 2 days in advance.



The following packages are only examples of typical retreat groups. Your experience is fully customizable.

E-mail Niki Gourley for more information and to ask for a quote.

Prices are per person, linens not included

One night, no meals: $35*

One night, three meals (BLD): $57.50

Two nights, no meals: $60*

Two nights, four meals (BLDB): $84

Two nights, five meals (DBLDB): $96


  • A linen package including fitted sheet, blanket, 1 towel and washcloth can be added for $10/person.
  • *No meals options includes a $5/night, no meal surcharge. Please also note that kitchen space is limited (mostly outdoor grills). ALL supplies and clean-up is the sole responsibility of the group for any meal not prepared by Camp P. staff.

Tent Camping:

$10/tent/night, one tent is limited to 6 people

$5 per night, per person no meal surcharge or applicable meal charges



High Ropes- $16/person (minimum of 12 participants)

V-Swing $6/person (minimum of 8 participants)

Rockwall- $8/person (minimum of 8 participants)

Low Ropes (teambuilding)- $8/person for 1.5-2 hours (minimum of 8 participants)

Canoeing – $3/person for 1.5-2 hours (minimum of 8 participants)

Nerf Zone- $6/person for up to 2 hours (minimum of 12 participants)

Knockerball- $100 for 1 hour of play for up to 20 people (over 20 needs to add another session)

Pool – $50/hour (no minimum, maximum of 100 people)

Nessie- $10/person (minimum of 12 participants)

FREE- One large group meeting space per group of 20 or more, access to sound and projection equipment (limited), sports fields (soccer, volleyball, basketball, gaga ball), fishing, campfires.


To make a reservation email or call Niki Gourley at or call 804-776-9552.

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Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board