Often groups need a specialized rate because every group is unique with different needs. Here are some samples of common base packages:

When reviewing our prices please consider what is included:

  • Free use of activity fields
  • Meeting spaces included (many other facilities charge for this)
  • Campfires
  • Use of sound and projection equipment if needed (limited)
  • Meals include salad bar, beverages, and dessert
  • We accomodate special dietary needs
  • 24 hour self-serve coffee and tea


The following packages are only examples of typical retreat groups. Your group can stay as many nights as you wish, and have us provide as many meals as you like. Your experience is fully customizable. Most of our charges are per person because we know this is often how fees are passed on to participants.

E-mail Niki Gourley for more information and to ask for a quote.

Some of our most popular retreat packages pricing, per person:

  • Two nights, four meals: $77
  • Two nights, five meals: $86
  • One night, three meals $51.75

Tent Camping: $10/tent/night, a maximum of 6 people per tent. Camping is primitive.

Consider adding a bag lunch for your group to eat on the way home for $5.00 each.


High Ropes- $16/person (minimum of 12 participants)

V-Swing $6/person (minimum of 8 participants)

Rockwall- $8/person (minimum of 8 participants)

Low Ropes (teambuilding)- $8/person for 1.5-2 hours (minimum of 8 participants)

Canoeing – $3/person for 1.5-2 hours (minimum of 8 participants)

Nerf Zone- $6/person for up to 2 hours (minimum of 12 participants)

Knockerball- $100 for 1 hour of play for up to 20 people (over 20 needs to add another session)

Pool – $50/hour (no minimum, maximum of 100 people)

Nessie- NEW $10/person (minimum of 12 participants)

FREE- One large group meeting space per group of 20 or more, access to sound and projection equipment (limited), sports fields (soccer, volleyball, basketball), fishing, campfires.

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Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board