In addition to our large activity fields, gagaball, basketball, and volleyball areas, we have many other activity options. Depending on the time of year you join us, we have lots to offer you!

Our ropes course is available year-round and contains several elements.

Rockwall: Our staff will belay your group of up to 25. Participants get to climb as much, or as little, as they wish within the time period allotted. For groups over 25 you would just need to split your group into smaller groups of multiple time slots.

Low Ropes Challenge Course: Low ropes is team building. Our staff will lead small groups of participants on our challenge course (we try to put 15 or fewer in a group). We start out presenting your group with small challenges that they must solve together, then we work our way up to larger group challenges. The goals are to work together and think as a team. For church or Christian groups, we can direct conversations to thinking about spiritual growth and application for the life of a Christian if you would like us to.

High Ropes Course: Our exciting high ropes course is 40 feet in the trees. Our trained staff will lead you closely in this activity. When you get up into the trees you will be given the choice to go directly down the zip-line or do what we call “play a little”. If you would like to, you may go around to the four other high ropes elements on our course. Generally, the high ropes course is best for participants ages 12 and up.

V-Swing: Here’s a picture and a video of the v-swing. That’s the best way to describe it. A group of able-bodied participants is required for this activity because it’s a group effort to pull the participant up into the air. The participant then releases a pull cord from the lifting rope and swings on the “V” that is holding them. It’s a very fun and unique experience.

Water Fun: Water activities are best reserved for warm months of the year, usually May-September, sometimes into October.

Canoeing and Kayaking: We have lots of canoes and a few kayaks for you to enjoy. Let us know the times you would like to enjoy the boats and we will have them available to you.

Pool: Our pool is one of the camp classics everyone loves. Our pool is centrally located, so those who choose not to swim can play in the nearby activity fields. Our lounge chairs are great for sun-bathing.

Nerf Zone: We have 30 super-awesome Nerf guns. We set up teams to play a Nerf war game (similar to some paintball games).

Knockerball: This is what Knockerball is: Knockerball  Groups of up to 20 will play the most fun game of soccer they’ve ever experienced.

Nessie: Nessie is a high ropes element developed with team building in mind. 40 feet in the trees a participant climbs up a cargo net and then crosses 3 bars. The trick is that these 3 bars are being held steady by your team mates on the ground. Everyone must work together to have the participant cross successfully. This activity is best for participants ages 12 and up,

The use of the activity fields are free.

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