Camp Piankatank sits on 90+ acres of beautiful property, with over 570′ of waterfront property on one of the cleanest rivers in Virginia.  Camp Piankatank is surrounded by a natural hardwood forest to the North, a marshland to the east, Stamper’s Bay Road to the west, and the Piankatank River to the south.

Piankatank is a Native American word that means “winding river.”  The Piankatank begins as the Dragon Run, a popular place to canoe and kayak.  Our location on the river is a prime location for children who are learning to canoe and sail.  We are in the part of the river called Stamper’s Bay, with Berkeley Island in the middle shielding us from the main traffic of the river.


Camp Piankatank built three new lodges in 2010.  Each lodge has a center meeting area with sofas, game table, and dining table so that the campers and guests can have a place to fellowship and have community together.  There are also two wings to each lodge that accommodate 16 campers in each with two counselors for each side.  You can see a copy of the plans here.

In addition to our new lodges, there are also four smaller cabins.  Each of these have 14 beds, heat, A/C, and bathrooms. While they are older, they are still very nice accommodations, and many groups still prefer these.

Our dining and meeting spaces are modern and can accommodate 150+ people in each.

There are several activity fields and other organized activity areas that you can see on our camp map. You can also see more detailed information and images of our facilities here.

Christian Camp and Conference Association Member IACCA Virginia Baptists

Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board