Why a Christian Camp?

Summer Camp is widely hailed among educators, psychologists, and other childhood development experts as a great experience for kids. Camp offers physical activity, intellectual challenge, and emotional tools for maturing. But does a Christian camp experience make a difference?

Camping offers children and teens an environment that is separate from their normal routine of life and creates a space for reflection and introspection like few other opportunities. They get to build new relationships and forge community that impacts them for life. The evidence for the value of camping is abundant!

But why should you consider a Christian camp for your child? And why Camp Piankatank?

At Camp Piankatank, kids are exposed to a wide range of activities from early morning until late night. Like other camps, we offer outdoor activities, crafts, arts, and lots of hands-on experiences. But our daily routine also includes focused time for personal devotional, group worship, and Bible study.

Each week of camp is built to help kids unplug from technology –
which, while valuable in life, also serves as a distraction from God. Our camp offers kids a quiet and sheltered way to experience God while still having high energy fun and community with other kids. The community is built around a common identity of worship and Bible study, and through counselors and other kids, your camper can discover who they are in relationship to the One who made them.

Large group sessions at camp happen each morning with devotional study and songs. Each evening is framed by similar singing and prayer, but also includes a fuller message from the camp pastor. We believe that this format best shapes youngsters in a comprehensive way. Nurturing the body, mind, and soul is the key to our program and the centerpiece of how a Christian camp experience can shape a child’s life for their whole life!

Unplugged – Good for Kids? Great for Their Camp Experience!

Unplugged – Good for Kids? Great for Their Camp Experience!

Summary – Technology is wonderful and has a significant role in our world. Camp Piankatank has an “Unplugged” policy because we believe it’s good for kids.

iPhones, Galaxies, laptops, and tablets! Technology is both blessing and curse, surrounding us everywhere and making life wonderful and easy in many ways. People of all ages can benefit from our advances, but technology also has some side affects that get in the way of enjoying life. Camp Piankatank has an “Unplugged” policy that restricts use of cell phones and mobile devices for campers and staff alike. Why?

The goal of the policy is to immerse kids in camp culture, to turn off technology and tune into nature and the people all around. “Unplugged” prevents that midnight “I’m home sick, come pick me up!” phone call, but more importantly, it helps kids engage each other and their surroundings, and opens up the possibility that they may hear God speak or sense God moving in their lives in a new way.

Research has shown that too much “screen time” is bad for eye sight, attentio
span, and the ability to relate to others. The jury is out on the long term damage
that technology creates on developing young brains. Here at Camp Piankatank, we are concerned about these things. We want kids to have every opportunity to engage in activities that promote discipleship and nurture their faith.

The policy isn’t just for campers. We also require our staff to turn in phones and have experienced a stronger, more vibrant staff community since the policy went into effect. We’ve seen the benefits of being “unplugged” upon the whole staff.

Restricting cell phone use creates an “unplugged” environment for kids to concentrate on fun, physical activity, and spiritual formation. Because the policy is camp wide – across all ages, all campers, and all staffers – it removes the pressure to rely on technology for social interaction. Granted, there is a time and place for proper use of devices, we simply believe that this policy creates a sacred space, a kind of sabbatical that allows kids to rest, unwind, and experience God and others fully.

Let’s go hiking!

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IMG_4486We are so excited to offer a brand new opportunity to our Youth Week True North campers. For 2016, we are introducing a 2-night, 3-day hiking experience designed with the beginner in mind. We’ll spend 2 nights in the beautiful Shenandoah Park hiking easy trails and past gorgeous waterfalls and overlooks. Don’t have a lot of gear? No worries, we’ll provide a hiking pack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad for you to borrow for the trip. You just need to bring shoes that fit comfortably to your feet and some basic gear. Participants will need to carry their pack along with group gear and food, usually averaging around 25-30 pounds of weight. But no need to worry, each day will only be a few leisurely miles with plenty of breaks along the way. This is going to be an amazing experience you won’t want to miss!

Hiking offers many benefits to teens. Some of those benefits include:

  • Increased independence
  • Increased confidence
  • Exercise
  • Time to get away from distractions and focus on their walk with Christ
  • Develop friendships
  • Basic camping and hiking skills
  • And much more

The True North Youth Week hiking trip has very limited space. Due to regulations with Shenandoah National Park, we can only accept 4 guys and 4 girls for the tripIMG_3139. There will also be one male and one female staff member on the trip with at least one being a certified Wilderness First Responder. It is encouraged that you sign up quickly to ensure your camper has an experience like no other!

For more information, visit the True North page on our website by clicking here.

The Power of Camp

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“This is a wonderful camp! I’m so thankful to Pastor Danny Maupin for introducing us to Camp Piankatank a few years back! We haven’t missed a year since. It is a place that the kids look forward to ALL year long! They love coming back and seeing Steve and Niki and all the wonderful camp staff!! What a blessing this place has been to us…!”

“(Our kids) truly had the best experience and cried when they had to leave.”

“I just wanted to tell you I picked up a very happy kid on Friday. I was SO STRESSED the entire time he was there (first time away). He talked the entire time home which getting a 13 year old boy to talk to his mother in detail was a wonderful thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! His counselors were beyond wonderful! I am very happy with everything you all have done! You all are awesome and I will let everyone know what a great camp you are! Thank you!”

“Picked up my daughter from camp today, attended the Worship service and was totally overwhelmed at the energy, enthusiasm and love the girls shared while lifting their voice to the Lord”

Every year, we are blessed to hear from parents and campers about their experience(s) at Camp Piankatank. It is so encouraging to see how God is using this ministry to impact campers, their families, and counselors alike. Read below for a few stories about campers and staff. Campers names have been changed in these stories.

Ryan’s Front

My first summer here in 2007 was a huge step for me. I had never been that far away from home for that length of time alone. However, I knew that being at Piankatank was where God was leading me. Throughout the summer, we had been told about Youth Week. Youth week is slightly different than the other weeks here at camp. The campers are older and present unique challenges (I’m sure you parents of teens are shaking your heads in agreement). The teen’s ask deeper questions, want to know why a rule is the way it is, and are far more willing to challenge authority. These challenges aren’t necessarily a bad thing; they push us to answer toughyouth camp2 questions, when appropriate. It also allows campers to see that we don’t know everything and we still have things to learn. One camper in particular, Ryan (name changed), had asked a lot of questions during Youth Week. He was a good kid, quite funny in fact. But he always seemed to be asking questions about rules and always did his best to be the center of attention. My co-counselor and I both noted the challenge this guy was bringing to our counseling abilities. Fortunately, we had several opportunities to talk with him about Christ. However, in those opportunities, there didn’t seem to be much of a response. Finally, dock side evening came and the pastor gave a great message. When the pastor invited campers to go talk with their counselors, Ryan came to me. We sat on that dock for 2 hours as he poured out his heart through tears and told me of the rough circumstances he was in at home. During this discussion, it wasn’t hard to see that his constant desire for attention was really a cover for the brokenness Ryan was experiencing. We talked through Scripture and prayed together and it seemed to really impact Ryan. He stopped crying and seemed to have a new outlook on life but more importantly a newly grounded relationship with Christ. I was so thankful that God used me to teach Ryan in his circumstances. I was also thankful that God showed me He can use me for His glory, even if I don’t have all the answers. It was a humbling moment for both Ryan and me.

Stephanie’s Answer to Prayer

The following story was told during our close of the week staff meeting:

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.com

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.com

There was a female camper who was a very kind and sweet girl. She loved to ask questions about Christ but specifically kept asking how she could know God was real. Her counselor’s had given her some great advice on the matter but Stephanie still seemed to struggle. Finally, her counselor told her to pray and ask God to reveal Himself to her in a way only she would know. This took place early on in the week and not much else was brought up the rest of the week. Thursday night came and the camp pastor was giving a great message. During the message, we were all sitting on the dock when out of nowhere an Osprey flew up to one of our sail boat masts and kept trying to land. In doing so, it started shaking the lines on the mast which caused a lot of noise. Since the bird was so high up, there wasn’t much we could do about the bird. Eventually, the bird flew away and all was quiet again. When the camp pastor gave an opportunity for campers to speak to their counselors, Stephanie bolted back to her counselor, sobbing. She was crying so hard she was having a hard time talking. After Stephanie calmed down a bit, she began to recount the events of the week. She told of how the counselors suggested she ask God to reveal Himself to her in a way only she would know. It was then that she told us she asked God for a bird. As she was telling the story, she broke down into tears, again. What we saw as a nuisance for dock side, turned out to be a life changing moment for Stephanie.

When the counselors finished telling their story, everyone in the staff meeting was completely awe struck. We just sat there in silence as we took in the events of that previous week.

The Future

No matter how many times we change a program or how we run things here. Our desire is to bring glory and honor to God. We want nothing more than to be servants of the one true King. I hope you’ll join us in praying for this summer. Pray for the staff, the campers, and the programs. Pray that we’ll continue to see God’s hand at work at Camp Piankatank.

We would love to hear how God has impacted you during your time at Camp Piankatank. Please feel free to reply to this post or email me at matt.hunt@camppiankatank.org.

In Christ,

Matt Hunt

Changes Explained

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Working in a summer camp ministry is an amazing opportunity. In the office, we often talk about how our duties at camp are so diverse. Steve and I have done everything from training staff on high ropes rescue to unclogging toilets to cooking meals and much more. Don’t worry the toilet thing and cooking meals didn’t happen at the same time. But one aspect I really enjoy about being a Summer Camp Director is the planning phase of camp. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer and all the people I get to enjoy ministry along side. But I love when I get to brain storm and find new and exciting things for the campers to try. Along with planning new activities, I always seem to make modifications as the year progresses. For me, I have found that writing out a new plan and then separating myself from it for a little while helps quite a bit. It gives me a chance to approach my original idea with a fresh mindset. I also get feedback from Steve and Niki about possible changes. Having creative minds hear my ideas only helps refine them and also helps me see details I may have overlooked. A few months ago we posted some changes regarding campers choosing their activities in Amazing Adventure. I wrote out some ideas, planned what the days would look like and then just let it sit for a short time. After coming back to it with a fresh mind, and hearing some feedback about the changes, it made sense to modify the previous changes. Instead of campers choosing just 3 activities and going to each 3 times over the week, campers will stay with their group for the first 6 activity periods. For the remaining 3 activities, campers will then choose what 3 activities they would like to go to again. Our hope is to allow campers to spend more time with one group in order to develop closer friendships and still get to enjoy the activities Piankatank has to offer. Additionally, campers will still have an opportunity to revisit some of the activities they really enjoyed during the week. We’re feeling great about this change and we’re excited to see how the campers feel about it. We will keep you updated on future changes.

And don’t forget, there’s still time to register and be entered in to win an iPad mini! Registrations have to be in by the end of the month to be entered! You can refer to the contest blog post for further details.

We always love to hear your thoughts about camp. After all, you are the ones in the programs and the ones we’re here to minister too. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

We’re giving away an IPad Mini!

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To be entered, simply register and pay your deposit(s) before March 31. When you get to camp for drop off, you’ll receive your ticket(s). You’ll receive one ticket for every week(end) you attend camp as long as you book before March 31!

And it gets even better! If you get a friend who has never been to Piankatank to register before March 31, not only do you get an extra entry, so does your friend!

Register today and get your chance to win an IPad Mini!


Summary of Rules:

– You will receive one entry for every week you register for camp as long as the registrations with deposits are in before March 31st.

-If you get a friend to register who has never been to Camp Piankatank, let us know and we’ll make sure you both receive your entry.

-Your friend(s) also have to register before March 31st to be entered.

-Tickets will only be given out when you come for drop off during your week of camp, no sooner.

-Weekend and day camps apply

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

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Summer 2014 is ushering in exciting new changes to our summer program. We have made some big changes to our Amazing Adventure/Extreme Escape tracks as well as our Water Adventure program. Our goal is to create exciting opportunities for all campers, regardless if this is their first summer or tenth summer at Piankatank. However, we do not want to change things so much that there’s nothing recognizable about the programs. We want campers to experience those same classic camp activities some of you adults may have experienced at camp. Read on to see the changes we’ve made to Amazing Adventure/Extreme Escape, Water Adventure, and even our check-out time.

Amazing Adventure/Extreme Escape only get better!

We wanted to redesign this already awesome program to maintain its classicRock Wall feel while giving campers a choice. For summer 2014, campers will choose what 3 activities they want to focus on during Amazing Adventure/Extreme Escape. The activities they will be able to choose from are:


  1. Ropes Course- Learn about climbing techniques and put them into practice. You’ll also have an opportunity to ride the V-Swing!
  2. Archery- Learn the basics and compete in the Epic Balloon Zombie Shooting Challenge. The winner gets to toss water balloons at their archery counselor!
  3. Waterfront- Become a proficient paddler in our canoes and kayaks while having fun on the water. You’ll even get a bit of sailing in during this track!
  4. Camp Sports- 3-on-3 basketball, gaga ball tournaments, 9-square, ultimate frisbee, and more! For the active camper who loves a little competition.
  5. Camping Skills- Learn basic camping skills from how to set up a camp site, to building and cooking over a fire.
  6. Wood Working- while certainly a possibility, this one is not a definite just yet. Learn about the basics of wood working and help complete a group wood project to go around camp. You’ll even get to sign the project to leave your mark at Camp Piankatank.

All of these activities will be available during every activity time so campers don’t miss out. Campers will have to pick 3 separate activities, no duplicate choices. Some activities will stay the same such as swim times and morning/evening worship times. Our hope is that campers will be involved in activities that interest them most and in doing so, better their camp experience.

Water Adventure Redesigned

WA PicThe next big change is that Water Adventure has become the True North Program. For now, it is no longer a graded program. That means no beginner, intermediate, or advanced to work through. This summer, you can choose to attend the True North Water program or the True North Land program.

The True North Water program will be similar to Water Adventure. You will learn about canoeing and water based navigation and you’ll have an overnight canoe trip. We’re still working out the fine details of the program, but one possibility is a day trip down Dragon Run near the Piankatank River. This short, 6 mile, trip down the Dragon Run will be fun and a little challenging, but nothing too strenuous. You will still learn about the basics of camping, but will not spend as much time on the subject as True North Land.

The True North Land program will give you in-depth, practical lessons on camping skills. You will learn Leave No Trace principles, how to set up a camp site, how to cook on a fire you build, and more. The highlight of the week will be an overnight backpack trip. Camp Piankatank has approximately 40 acres of wooded area, plenty of area for campers to hike and feel secluded. The camp site is close enough however, for campers to return in the event of inclement weather. We are in the process of pricing hiking gear for this track, if you have some gently used gear (packs, sleeping bags/pads, etc) that you would be willing to donate, please feel free to contact us.

Summer 2014 Theme

The theme for summer 2014 is “Made New” and we are really excited to see what God does through the theme this year. The verse we have chosen to go along with the theme is 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” We want to remind campers that the reason we give our lives to Christ is an outpouring of thanks for Jesus dying on a cross in our place. As Christians, every action we take should be rooted in the cross and it is important that we be reminded of that truth. Our prayer is that campers will leave having grown deeply in their understanding of the Gospel as well as in their walk with Christ.

Friday Pick-up Time Change

This year, we are extending the last day of camp to give campers one more activity time. In the past, closing ceremony was at 10:30, but this year it’s at 1:30. The ceremony will be a short 30 minute presentation to let parents see some pictures from the week and hear what the camp pastor spoke about during the week. With the later pick-up time, there will be no Family Hour this year.

We’re so excited to see what God is going to do this summer through this camp ministry. We ask that you pray continually for the ministry at Camp Piankatank.

We would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas.

Registration is open and our early bird discount is still available.  You don’t even have to pay the full amount yet, just the deposit to take advantage of the discount. Click here to sign up today and save a little money!

In Christ’s Love,


Matt Hunt, Summer Camp Program Director

Thank You!

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Hello Friends!

I just wanted to post  a note letting you know how this year has been. From new groups, to campers coming to know Christ, to the money raised for our Sailing Program, to new program changes for the camp, there’s a lot to be excited about for Camp Piankatank. I pray that you’ll join me in my praise to our Savior and God for the continued success that He has given us. He is faithful, and we are ever thankful, especially in this time of year when we remember the greatest gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This year has been the year of new groups. Our retreat ministry continues to grow, but there’s still more room to grow. This is so exciting for us, because even though we may not plan many retreats and have a hand in the direct ministry that is done, we understand how important our role is in providing a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere and venue for growth to take place. Up to this point, the retreat ministry has grown primarily through word of mouth, and our website. We having a retreat brochure printed this fall, and I think this will really help to get our name out there even more. Please pray with us that God will continue to grow this part of the ministry so that more churches and organizations can see the benefit of retreat.

This summer was a very fruitful summer. Not only did we have some of the best staff that we’ve had in recent years, but we had more campers accept Christ as the personal Lord and Savior than we have in past years, over 60 campers! Even though we may experience some down numbers because of the economy, God is still faithful to call His children to repentance and faith in Him. Please pray with us that God will continue to use this ministry to reach the lost, and that He will grow the summer camp so that we have the opportunity to preach the Gospel to more children and youth

We had another successful fundraising effort to benefit our Sailing Program. We sold hoodie sweatshirts (which we still have some available), and a number of people donated money. All together we were able to raise about $6,000. With that added to the $3,000 in our budget, we were able to make some major repairs to our boats to get them in good working order. We’re very thankful to all of our generous supporters, and we’re very excited about being able to use these “new” boats next year. Please pray with us that God will continue to bless our fundraising efforts, so that we can make Camp Piankatank a more beautiful and exciting place to be.

Finally, we are very excited about the changes that we are planning to make to the summer camp program. At Camp Piankatank, campers have usually done all of their activities with the group, without much say in what to do. Next year, we are changing this, and allowing campers to choose what they want to focus on. There will be more time for learning and instruction at each activity, as well as the opportunity to do new activities. Please pray with us that God will bless strategic program change, so that more campers will have a fun, enriching experience at Camp Piankatank.

We’re so thankful for all of our supporters, whether financially, through your prayers, through volunteering, or all of the above. We could not do what we do without you. Have a happy and blessed Christmas season, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014.

In His Service,


Steven R. Gourley, Director

Program Changes

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Hello Friends! We wanted to let you know of some exciting things that are changing here at Camp Piankatank. After much thought and discussion we have decided to make some changes to some of the activities this summer in the Amazing Adventure and Extreme Escape tracts. First of all, every morning after worship, we’re going to have some camp-wide crazy games. These will be high energy, exciting, and there’s a good chance you’ll get messy. It’s a brand new way to start the day!

Next, you’ll have the chance to choose an activity you’d like to go to during a shortened activity time. You can choose to go with friends or do something yourself and meet new friends. It’s your opportunity to not have to be with your cabin or activity group. It’s also your opportunity to try something new. This way, you also won’t have to do the things that you don’t want to do. Some of the activities that will be available to choose from are archery, missions, crafts, cooking, golf, outdoor games, and camping skills.

We’re very excited for these new changes, and we hope that you are too. See you soon!

In His Service,


Women’s Retreats

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Do your women want a FUN weekend of fellowship and Bible study together?

On top of that, do you want it for less than $100 a person?

CampPiankatankis offering Women’s weekend packages for only $80/person! This is not a big conference with big crowds and big price tags. It is just for the women in your church to pick a weekend convenient to you and get away for a weekend of simple fellowship and time with God.

Camp Piankatank Retreat Director, Niki Gourley, has authored a guided prayer and Bible study manual you can use, or bring a speaker, or study materials you would like to use.

We’ll do all the cooking and you get to stay in our new group lodges. Just because we are called a camp does not mean this is anything like camping. Our lodges have central AC and heat, a living room with sofas and tables, a kitchenette, large bathrooms with Rinnai hot water heaters (meaning you will not run out of hot water) and each lodge has at least one screened porch and deck. The views of thePiankatankRiver on our overlook will take your breath away.

The presented schedule is just a suggestion, be flexible depending on your group’s desires and interests- this is a relaxing weekend.

Suggested Schedule

Friday- Meet at a local inexpensive restaurant for dinner and carpool from there. Or meet at your church. Arrive at a time convenient for you any time Friday evening. If you can arrive at camp by dinner we can plan dinner here for you.


8:00am- Hot Breakfast of eggs, biscuits and sausage and cereals, with hot coffee and juices prepared by the camp’s staff

9:00am Session 1 from whatever study materials you have chosen

10:30am Morning Break and fellowship- if you would like, maybe have someone crafty coordinate a small, fun adult craft

12:00 Lunch- Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, chips, and salad bar with juices and tea- Cookies for dessert

1:00pm Session 2

2:30pm Afternoon activities offered by camp staff. You choose, depending on the activity comfort of your group and weather- swimming in pool, canoeing, rock wall, zip-line, group games, more crafting, sports, sitting and talking, or go out for coffee.

6:00pm Dinner- Spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, salad bar and cake or pie for dessert

8:00 Session 3

9:00 Have someone bring manicure sets or board games or stuff for ice cream sundaes. If you’re interested we’d be glad to set up a bonfire with s’mores for you.


8:00am Breakfast- pancakes, bacon, fruit, cereals, coffee and juices

9:00 Session 4

11:00 Head out, if you’d like to stay for lunch we can plan that for you, or we can set up bag lunches for you to take on the road.

As you can see, the schedule is flexible for you group’s interests and allows a lot of time for fellowship and time in God’s word.


Price- Two nights, with four meals, and activities – $80/person.

Administrator Notes

Important Note- you must have 15 or more attendees to be able to use our lodges and receive the package price.

Suggested Price includes- 4 meals (breakfast Saturday through breakfast Sunday), 2 nights of lodging and up to 3 hours of camp activities (these hours of activities are free as a part of our package so if you choose to only have 1 hour or no hours cost is not adjusted). We do provide s’mores at 1 campfire. The guided prayer and Bible study materials are provided for free if you choose to use them, please let us know if your plan so we can have them ready.

Please note we can personalize a package price for you if you want more or less meals. If you choose the route of a speaker for your Bible study times you will likely pay them and adjust the price you tell attendees. If you plan to provide snacks or crafts you may consider adjusting the price you tell attendees.

The “Guided Prayer and Bible Study Guide”, written by Niki Gourley, Camp Piankatank’s Retreat Director, is intended for significant amounts of time in personal prayer and meditation on God’s word followed by group discussion. The group is intended to start each session with a few minutes of group prayer, then the group will spread out and everyone finds a quiet place to be with God. On nice days there are many places around camp outside to find a beautiful view and quiet spot or some will probably go back to their lodge. After this time (30-45 minutes) pick a time and place to meet back together and go through the group discussion guide. Larger groups will split into groups of 10-15 for discussion. Women are encouraged to be open and honest in these discussions. The discussion is intended to be personal and open our hearts to each other and God’s working. Feel free to email us and we’d be glad to send you a copy to preview.


What to do next:

  • Choose a leader or 2. Ideal leaders are women in the church who know a lot of people and are able to do some coordinating.
  • Call us. 804-776-9552 or email niki.gourley@camppiankatank.org. Come seeCampPiankatank if you would like to. We’ll look at which dates are available on our calendar and talk about what your goals are for your event.
  • Decide a date with consultation between dates available with the camp and dates good for your attendees. Remember it’s going to be impossible to pick a date good for EVERYONE. Just pick one that’s good for most and go with it.
  • Decide your spiritual theme. The camp has organized a guided prayer and Bible study manual for women’s retreats, but you may also consider bringing and paying a speaker or using materials like Beth Moore or a book study.
  • Tell camp which date you’ve decided on and we’ll get it all set up. A 15% deposit of your estimated total cost will be due at time of reservation. You will need to estimate how many will attend.
  • Decide how you want people to sign up. Maybe the church secretary or one of you designated leaders. Decide how you want people to pay. We suggest being flexible with payments, asCampPiankatankrequires only one initial deposit and the rest is due after your event (we send you an invoice).
  • Get creative. Depending on your group’s interests assign a snack coordinator, cabin decorator, craft coordinator, sports coordinator or none if you just want to hang out, that’s fine.
  • Start advertising. Put it in the church bulletin. Call women personally, especially women new to your church will appreciate a personal invitation.
  • The camp will need your updated estimated total 2 weeks in advance and a firm total 1 week in advance.

Come and ENJOY.

Christian Camp and Conference Association Member IACCA Virginia Baptists

Camp Piankatank is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board